Wha’cha doin’ for Labor Day Weekend?

What are your Labor Day Weekend plans? We still have no idea. As of now, we’re thinking about going on a tavern tour and sampling their culinary delights.

Two-thirds of Americans are planning to do something for Labor Day weekend.  Our top plans are grilling, watching a movie, and fitting in some quiet time.  And the top foods we’ll be eating are burgers, hot dogs, and barbecued chicken.

1.  67% of us will fire up the grill this weekend.

2.  36% will try to get at least one movie in.

3.  35% are looking forward to some quiet time.

4.  27% are doing something outdoors.

5.  26% are hitting a party.

6.  23% plan to do some shopping.

The survey also found burgers are the top Labor Day food, followed by hot dogs, barbecued chicken, steak, and ribs.

And two-thirds of us will be drinking beer this weekend.  Only 34% said they won’t.

(National Today)



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