Ozzy Osbourne and the other members of Black Sabbath have shared a few thoughts on their history and background in a video trailer for “Home of Metal: Black Sabbath – 50 Years,” an exhibition that will open to the public on June 26th and run through September 29th at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

With the full support of the original founders of Sabbath, the exhibition will detail the history of the band, their emergence from Birmingham, England and their legacy as the pioneers of heavy metal, in a show that will celebrate their significant contribution to British music heritage and their unique relationship to their fans.

n the video, Ozzy speaks of his pride in Birmingham and the roots he has there, saying, “Whatever people think about me — and I don’t get the chance to go and see Birmingham very often — I’ve never ever tried to hide my accent, and I’ve never denied that I’m from Birmingham . . . I am just a guy from Birmingham who’s been blessed to have had such dedicated fans throughout my career.”

Original members Tony IommiGeezer Butler and Bill Ward add their thoughts as well in the video.

The exhibit will include Sabbath memorabilia stretching back to the ’70s, ranging from gig tickets to motorbikes. The exhibition will also showcase the band’s links to Birmingham with photos, posters, tickets and programs from local venues instrumental in the band ‘s early success. Personal photographs, fans’ gifts, stage costumes, jewelry and more will be on loan from the band members themselves.

Sabbath retired from touring in February 2017, playing its final shows in — where else — Birmingham

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