What are your New Year “Resolutions”? Anything?

New Year's Resolutions, a long list of items!!!

Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2019?

Here are the ten most common resolutions people are making this year:

  1. Eat better.  37% of people made it their New Year’s resolution.
  2. Exercise more, 37%.
  3. Spend less money, 37%.
  4. Take better care of themselves, like getting more sleep, 24%.
  5. Read more books, 18%.
  6. Learn a new skill, 15%.
  7. Get a new job, 14%.
  8. Make new friends, 13%.
  9. Get a new hobby, 13%.
  10. Focus more on their appearance, 12%.


Courtesy of Patch.com



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