Study: Women drink more beer at home

Go on and grab a pint! Women are increasingly embracing beer, finds a new study. The Gender Pint Gap report is compiled by Dea Latis, and is based on data from a YouGov survey. The report reveals about a third of women in the UK who were polled said they drink beer at home. This is remarkable, as back in 2009, just three percent of women said the same. Still, just one in six women choose to drink beer at least once a week compared to more than half of men. So why are women not into beer? Fear of developing a “beer belly,” “sexist” marketing, and negative perceptions of flavor by women were all found to contribute. Paper go-author Lisa Harlow adds, “Our research has shown many misconceptions which women still hold about beer, such as calorific content, self-image and pre-conceptions about taste. It was disheartening in our supposedly enlightened times that so many of our female respondents cited ‘being judged by others’ as a reason for not drinking beer.” Researchers note that women might drink more beer if there was clear, concise information available about flavor (which could encourage more sampling), and that a “quality over quantity” message could overcome the fear of weight gain by offering beer in different sizes.



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