Eddie Money Reality Show Renewed for 2nd Season (KDUX Interview)

Eddie Money’s reality series “Real Money” has been renewed for a second season to a 12 episode run starting in January. Axs TV’s Real Money has proven to be one of the most popular shows on the channel.  The new season featuring the veteran rocker and his family will premiere early in 2019.
Eddie joined us on KDUX to talk about the new show and his career.
KDUX Eddie Money interview part 1
KDUX Eddie Money interview part 2
Multi-platinum rock superstar Eddie Money takes viewers home every Sunday night in AXS TV’s all-new original reality series REAL MONEY premiering Sunday, April 8 at 9:30 pm ET.
The program captures the daily lives of the Money family—which includes Eddie; Laurie, his wife of over 30 years; their five kids, Zach, Joe, Jesse, Dez, and Julian; and eight pets—as they live, laugh, bicker, and rock. Hilarity and hijinks ensue this season as Eddie and Laurie struggle to keep everyone in line and on time; Jesse gets in some trouble while mom and dad are in Cabo; Eddie’s forced to take his health seriously; Dez gets career advice from a GRAMMY®-winning engineer; Eddie gets a therapy session on the golf course; and the family continues to rock the stage.


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