The Big Drug Bust Was A Big Deal, The Sheriff Tells Us Why

Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott with Pat Anderson

With the seizure of over $80 million dollars in pot, $400,000 in cash and gold, dozens of search warrants and arrests, this was the dismantling of a major drug ring in our area. This multi-agency effort spanned Grays Harbor, Thurston and King Counties and quite possibly could spread even further. Recent searches by the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force have discovered illegal grow operations in Aberdeen and Hoquiam leading to the arrest of additional Chineses Nationals ,and the tips from citizens keep rolling in.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott tells us why this bust is so important:

Why use a marjuana operation to support a crime ring?

The Grays Harbor Drug Task Force asks if you have any information concerning possible illegal marijauna grow sites, please call the Grays Harbor County Communications Center at 360-533-8675. They are concerned that there may be operations that have been left unattended with heat lamps still on creating a fire hazard.  The Grays Harbor Drug Task Force is an interagency investigative unit with Detectives assigned from the Sheriff’s office, Aberdeen Police Department and Hoquiam Police Department.

Over $80 million in pot confiscated by Grays Harbor Drug Task Force


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